Donna Fernandez was born in Toronto to Filipino parents. She lived there for some years, then did the rest of her growing up in Vancouver. She earned her BA in Religious Studies (not Theology or in any religious order) at the University of British Columbia and twenty years later, her certification in Equities Trading and Technical Analysis through the Canadian Securities Institute. In between that time, she pursued an adventurous life traveling Europe and Asia, teaching English in Japan, then caring for horses and dealing hay in the wild countryside of southern Ontario. 

Donna’s proclivity for the unconventional continued, and later she moved to Costa Rica to live with her hunky Nicaraguan husband. (Fun fact: he doesn’t speak English and she speaks broken Spanish, so you can only imagine the misfires in communication.) There, while adapting to tropical showers, beach life, a bean-dense diet, and the shift to the “pura vida” mindset, she discovered her love for writing fiction. 

Now based out of Canada and Costa Rica, Donna is following her bliss through writing and publishing. She spends her days writing plot-rich novels and running her business in editing and cover design.