Georgia Goes Broke

The prequel to The Broke Georgia Series 

Georgia’s gut is telling her something is off about her fiancé. As is her credit card statement. Will a little sleuthing put her at ease…or end her engagement?

Accident-prone Georgia Alfonso has made it to age thirty in one piece. And she’s getting married! The only problem is, the wedding is in six months, and she and Basil don’t have enough money to pay for it. With Basil away on an internship, Georgia, the sole income earner of their household, faces the burden of saving for their wedding. She’s up for the challenge with plans for a budget-friendly event—until her credit card gets declined. Basil is the only other authorized user of her credit card, and he’s being evasive. 

Georgia finds herself going through outrageous lengths to seek the truth behind Basil’s secretive spending habits. The more she follows the money, the less genuine their engagement appears. Flustered by pressure from her friends to postpone the wedding—and even more by her growing attraction to Magnus, a handsome admirer she’s just met—Georgia questions whether she and Basil have what it takes to beat the odds to get married…and live happily ever after.