Broke Georgia Goes Multi-Level

Book 2 of The Broke Georgia Series

Georgia’s new career as a financial advisor is exciting…until all those red flags of the business become impossible to ignore. Speaking out is the right thing to do—until it threatens her new relationship with the man of her dreams.

Georgia is starting off the new year strong: she’s finally debt-free, she has new fitness goals, and she’s living in domestic bliss with her hunky boyfriend, Oscar—with high hopes that he’ll propose to her within the year!

Then, Georgia unexpectedly loses her job of seven years. While struggling to find meaningful employment, she fortuitously hears from Senna, a former friend from high school, about an enticing opportunity to become a financial advisor. Georgia is thrilled at the idea of building her own business and making heaps of money; and with Oscar’s support, she ventures deep into the world of multi-level marketing. 

As Georgia begins recruiting new advisors, she learns about the shady practices of the company, calling into question her own ethics. Georgia voices her concerns to Senna…only to get berated by her friend and disciplined by the MLM firm. Even worse, Oscar accuses Georgia of self-sabotaging her new career in order to avoid her responsibilities.

After sacrificing so much time and money on training, Georgia must decide whether to do things her way to rise to the top—and succeed at something in her life—or blow the whistle on her friend and face the brutal consequences that come with messing with a company of MLM zealots.

Author Donna Fernandez has published an engaging, entertaining, relatable, and informative novel of a young woman's life experience with MLM and how it affects her relationships, family, career, and self-worth. Broke Georgia Goes Multi-Level is a story that millions have experienced...It's a modern tale, in the language of 30s-something adults grappling with the big issues of life where MLM insinuates itself – workplace, friendship, family, marriage, and social network. 

—Robert L. FitzPatrick, author of Ponzinomics.