The Georgia Rules

Retitled and republished as Lessons for Broke Georgia!

You need more than just money to pay off your debts. You need…rules?

Money problems are the norm for Georgia Alfonso. She’s hit a new low after her unfaithful fiancé racked up her credit cards, dumped her, and left the country. With the help of her friends and Charlie, a successful (and sexy!) investor, Georgia explores wacky, unconventional ways to make extra money to pay off the debt. As she becomes more financially savvy and gains the confidence to date again, she unexpectedly finds herself caught in the middle of a money feud between some dangerous people and her mother, who’s taken off without a word. Her real problems start with a threat. Then her cat disappears.

While still trying to keep up with her debt payments, Georgia’s search for her mother sends her down a trail of shocking secrets surrounding her broken family’s past. As she gets closer to the truth behind her mother’s relationship to the catnappers, they become increasingly hostile. Georgia must find her mother soon—before they follow through with their promises to harm her and her loved ones.

The Georgia Rules is a hilarious, raunchy tale that boldly confronts the uncomfortable topic of personal debt and explores how our issues on love, family, and self-worth can determine whether we financially thrive—or flounder.